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Resume Distribution Reviews...

"OK - what's my time worth?"  That's the question that lurks in the heart of every job seeker who's tempted to compile a database and send out resumes en masse. And while it's true that anybody with a computer can do it, it's also true that time is money. Yes, you could type addresses and email your resume to 1000 recruiters in maybe a week's time... if you forgo eating and sleeping.

But you can also accomplish the same with a few mouse clicks -- and about 50 bucks -- if you put the project in the hands of a reputable resume distribution service. We tapped former recruiter David Alan Carter to give us his take on the Web's most popular resume distribution services. His reviews...

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Our Top-Rated Resume
Posting Service to
Job Sites


100,000 people can thank The Rabbit for their jobs. In business since 1999, the oldest and largest resume posting service.

 A Good Reputation
 Massive Exposure
 Identity Protection
 Posting Report

(read full REVIEW)

$59.95 post your resume on up to 85 different job posting sites. Be seen by up to 1.5 million employers and recruiters daily.


Our Top-Rated Resume Distribution Service to Recruiters


1000's of America's top recruitment firms (i.e., HeadHunters) are targeted by this service.

 Industry Targeting
 Geographic Targeting
 Free Resume Webpage
 Confidentiality Option
 Recruiter List Option

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$49.00 send your resume to recruiters in up to 3 industries, and up to 3 geographical areas of your choosing.

Our Top-Rated Resume Distribution Service to Employers

Your resume and cover letter are faxed directly to company decision makers
--from 200 to several thousand.

 Database of 3.9 Million
 Target by Type, Size
 Target by Geography
 1%-5% Response Rate
 Free Listing of Firms

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...for the first 200 companies. Each additional company is 12ยข each. Price includes faxing a 1-page cover letter and 1-page resume.


Post your resume on 80 top job sites... or email blast your resume to a select list of 1000's of employers and recruiters.

 City & State Targeting
 Money-Back Guarantee

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$59.95 to post to 80 job sites, or...

$49.95 to blast your resume to both employers and recruiters.


Formerly, a top-rated service. Now we advise...

In business since 1996, the company now appears to be out of business. Either that, or their two phone lines have gone dead and all incoming emails have been ignored -- by accident. Seems unlikely. In either event, this company should now be avoided.


(read full REVIEW)

Once upon a time, $49.99 bought distribution of your resume to 3,100+ recruiters.

Now, sadly, it's apparently money down a rat hole.

That "Time Is Money" Thing...

Resume distribution service offers to post your resume on up to 85 job sites for just under $60 bucks. Now, you could do that yourself. But it requires setting up 85 accounts, learning each site's method of operation, and uploading your resume and related information to each. By our calculation, we're looking at an estimated 60+ hours to get your resume 'out there' in these kind of numbers. If you were paying yourself for this job, you'd be working for $1.00 per hour.

Along similar lines, resume distribution company will send your resume out to 1,000+ recruiters for less than $50 bucks. Punch that out on the calculator--assuming you could even find the email addresses of that many recruiters (they're sometimes hard to find). If you were employed to do that job, you'd be working for pennies on the hour. If your time is more valuable than that, then resume distribution services are certainly worth a look.

We looked. And looked. Here are some of the things we considered when assigning star ratings to resume distribution services...

Distribution lists that are invitation only.  We look for resume distribution services that require recruiters and employers to "opt in" to their database. This keeps your resume from going out to unsolicited firms, in effect, as spam. We all know what happens to spam.
Longevity. We value companies that have been in business for years.
Accessible. We like to see a customer service phone number on the website. And we like to see it answered by a human.
Transparency. Extra points went out to those resume distribution services that were open about their method of operation -- and distribution lists.
Ease of use.
Guarantee. Who doesn't like a good guarantee?

Look over our resume distribution reviews. Consider our ratings and how we got to those ratings. And finally, choose a resume distribution service that feels comfortable, and get on with the task at hand--getting your resume out there for the world to see.

We wish you the best.

-- David Alan Carter

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Special Note               

One important thing to keep in mind...

is that distributing your resume en masse is an odds game--and the odds can be pretty daunting at times. It largely depends on whether your qualifications match an active job opening being worked by a recruiter on the day your resume plops down on his or her desk.

First, make sure your resume is in top shape before you begin. If you need help in that area, you can compare popular online resume writing services at our sister site HERE.

Secondly, keep things in perspective. Don't be afraid to experiment with a reputable resume distribution service, but use them as part of a multi-pronged approach to your job search. Other elements should include personal networking, judicious use of social media, and targeted responses to specific job opportunities.

Treat your job search like the business it is, and you'll do fine.

--David Alan Carter

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