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Notably different in operation than a resume posting service, Resume Arrow is our highest ranking, recruiter-targeted resume distributor. Meaning, your resume is distributed via email to thousands of leading recruitment and search firms in the United States. These are also known as Headhunters.

Established in 2005, Resume Arrow currently has more than 18,000 recruiters as members--companies that conduct either contingency or retained searches and have signed up to receive resumes.

The parent company, North America LiveCareer, Inc., has a BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating of A+. See BBB Score here.

How Does It Work?

Fill out an online form to provide contact information and payment processing, then follow the instructions for uploading your resume. You'll be given the option to select recruiters specializing in 3 different job categories or industries and up to 4 different geographical areas.


Industry selections range from Accounting & Auditing (4,099 recruiters) to Waste Management (975 recruiters) and everything in between. By the way, you can choose additional categories/industries to increase exposure to your resume. It's $10.00 for an 3 additional industries.

All resumes will be emailed to your selected recruiters usually within one business day of account set-up and payment processing. You'll receive a confirmation of such. Want to be able to follow up with the recruiters your resume is sent to? They'll provide you with a list of the recruiters your resume was e-mailed to for $19 extra.

If there is interest or a placement fit, the recruiter gets in touch with you directly.


  • You target your industry. The company has compiled a respectable number of industry/discipline selections represented by member recruiters. And they show you those disciplines up front.
  • Filter by geography. You pick the state or states that you want saturated. They'll filter out everything but your selections. Live in Florida,,, or want to live in Florida? They'll email your resume to those recruiters who make placements in the Sunshine State.
  • Confidentiality. Select their confidentiality feature, and your name and contact information will be kept off the resume--and replaced by a dedicated email box at their location that will forward correspondence to you. No charge.
  • Their guarantee: If you haven't received the kind of response you were looking for, they'll let you re-blast your resume at no charge 30 days after your initial order.
  • Optional contact list of all recruiters who received your resume.


  • Nothing to report at this time.

Resume Arrow Review - Summary

The first thing to keep in mind is that distributing your resume en masse is an odds game--and the odds can be pretty small. It largely depends on whether your qualifications match an active job order being worked by a recruiter on the day your resume plops on his desk. That said, Resume Arrow is focused on only one thing and they do it well--getting your resume in the hands of those recruiters. The company appears to offer a straightforward service at a reasonable price. The BBB offers some comfort to prospective customers, giving the company their highest score--an A+. 

Keeping in mind the nature of the odds game, I have no problem recommending...

Best of luck,
David Alan Carter

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Special Note               

One important thing to keep in mind...

is that distributing your resume en masse is an odds game--and the odds can be pretty daunting at times. It largely depends on whether your qualifications match an active job opening being worked by a recruiter on the day your resume plops down on his or her desk.

First, make sure your resume is in top shape before you begin. If you need help in that area, you can compare popular online resume writing services at our sister site HERE.

Secondly, keep things in perspective. Don't be afraid to experiment with a reputable resume distribution service, but use them as part of a multi-pronged approach to your job search. Other elements should include personal networking, judicious use of social media, and targeted responses to specific job opportunities.

Treat your job search like the business it is, and you'll do fine.

--David Alan Carter

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