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Resume Zapper Review

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Notably different in operation than a resume posting service, The Zapper is our highest-ranking resume distributor. Meaning, your resume is distributed via email to thousands of leading recruitment and search firms in the United States. These are also known as Headhunters.

The Zapper currently has more than 10,000 recruiters as members--companies that conduct either contingency or retained searches and have signed up to receive resumes. That includes over 1,100 firms that do international placements.

The company, in business since 1998, has a BBB ( Better Business Bureau) rating of A- on a scale of A+ to F.

How Does It Work?

Sign up and pay up - $49.99 charged to your credit card. Fill out a single online form and a wizard will guide you in uploading your resume and cover letter. You'll then receive two emails from the company. The first tells you they received your resume. Resume Zapper.comThe second pinpoints exactly when your resume was "zapped"  (distributed) and lets you know exactly how many recruiters received your package. Want to have an actual list of those recruiters--by the company's name and the state in which that particular office resides? That service is available, for an additional $15.

The basic service buys the distribution of your resume and cover letter to 600 general recruiters who have elected to receive all resumes, as well as your choice of 3 industry/discipline selections and up to 3 geographic filter selections. Industry selections range from Accounting & Financial (1,209 recruiters) to Wireless International (416 recruiters) and everything in between. By the way, you can choose additional industries/disciplines to increase exposure to your resume. It's $19.00 for each 3 additional industries you choose.

If there is interest or a placement fit, the recruiter gets in touch with you directly.


  • You target your industry: the company has compiled a truly amazing number of industry/discipline selections represented by member recruiters. And they show you those disciplines up front.
  • Filter by geography. You pick the state or states that you want saturated. They'll filter out everything but your selections. Live in Florida,,, or want to live in Florida? They'll zap your resume to those recruiters who make placements in the Sunshine State.
  • Confidential email box. For $10 bucks more, you can keep your job search private with a Confidential Email Box. Something to think about in today's world.
  • Optional list of all recruiters who received your resume.


  • The optional list ($15 more) of recruiters receiving your resume includes company names and states, but no detailed contact information. For that, you'll have to look them up yourself.

Resume Zapper Review - Summary

Resume Zapper is focused on only one thing and they do it well--getting your resume in the hands of recruiters. For the price of dinner out, you can jump start your job search by emailing your resume to 1000's of top U.S. recruiters. The Zapper is a straightforward service at a reasonable price.

-- David Alan Carter

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Your experience is invaluable... in helping to identify those distribution services that offer solid value to their customers, and those that don't. 

If you've used the services of a resume distribution firm, let us know your thoughts. Did they perform to your expectation? Did you get calls? Did those calls result in interviews? All in all, was it a positive step in your job search?

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